Buchts Field Ford

Start Point: The Walled Garden
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 2 to 3 miles depending on route chosen.
Description: After a start through woodland this walk is mainly along rough vehicle tracks and some grazing fields. A few bits are steep, but compensate with good views.
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Starting from the Walled garden car park walk straight through the garden to exit by the old mill pond and turn left immediately to follow the wall. Then turn diagonally through the large beech trees to the vehicle track. At the junction go left over a concrete bridge and, at the bend in the track, go straight on through an avenue of mature pine trees. Continue to cross a gated wooden bridge. Bear left to follow the burn and cross another bridge leading to a farm track.

Turn right and follow the farm track uphill and across some rough grazing land until you reach a junction with gateways, minus gates. The opening on the right is into a field and at the far-left corner you will find a small gate leading down to a small bridge which is sometimes concealed by dense fern.

You now have woodland on your right and will soon arrive at a wooden bridge and a hydro power pipeline crossing the burn.

The opening on the left leads up and over a field with cattle pens enclosed in a high stone wall. Continue down over the field with the cattle pen on your left until you find a gate opening on to the area with the bridge and pipeline mentioned in the previous paragraph. This alternative route affords better views of the distant hills.

After crossing the bridge if you initially follow the ridge covering the pipeline the path leads uphill to a junction with the old Carriage road which is described elsewhere as a separate walk around Dunveoch Hill. You could turn left and complete the Carriage Road Walk in the opposite direction to the walk description.

However, if you turn right and follow the farm track you will go past the sheep buchts (folds) on your right and soon see Dunveoch cottage below on your right. You can descend past the cottage on the rough vehicle track back to the Walled garden.

Alternatively you could continue along the farm track with the woodland on your right until you reach a stone bridge with a wooden bridge below for viewing the waterfall. Crossing the bridge leads to another section of the old Carriage road and a right turn will take you downhill back to the Walled garden.

Yet another option is to enter the small wooden gate leading to the wooden viewing bridge and turn right immediately without crossing the bridge. This track with a moss-covered wall on your right leads down to a bridge on your left crossing the ravine and shortly after crossing this you again reach the old Carriage road leading down to the walled garden.