Dunveoch Carriage Track Walk

Start Point: The Walled garden
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 3.5 to 4.5 miles depending on route chosen
Description: This walk stays on a wide track created by a former owner of the estate around 1840 for his wife to use as a horse-drawn carriage ride. It crosses open moorland used for sheep grazing and through rough pasture land sometimes inhabited by Highland cattle. Views are extensive in all directions. The track is now used by heavy farm vehicles so can be uneven and muddy at times.
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Starting from the walled garden pass through the garden and across the earth bank which dams the Mill Pond. Turn left at the track, proceed uphill and stay on the main track, branching left as it approaches the owner’s house.

You may wish to view a waterfall on your left which passes under a stone bridge with an adjacent wooden bridge built for viewing the waterfall but return to the original track and continue upwards passing a small wooden boathouse and loch on the left.

At the end of the loch turn left and follow the old carriage track around Dunveoch Hill passing through several farm gates.  Eventually, you will see some stone sheepfolds on your right and soon after a cottage on your right below the track. If you take the track downhill past the cottage you will arrive at a track crossing a concrete bridge on your left leading to the Walled Garden on your right.

Alternatively: you can stay on the track bearing left with woodland on your right until you come to the two bridges and waterfall mentioned earlier.  If you cross the bridge and turn right you can descend on the rough vehicle track you first started on until you reach the Mill Pond and Walled Garden on your right.

A second alternative: as you approach the stone bridge there is a wooden pedestrian gate on your right, enter and turn immediately right to follow the path downhill with a moss-covered stone wall on your right until you see a wooden bridge in the ravine below. If you cross this bridge you will shortly re-join the rough vehicle track leading down to the Walled garden.

A third alternative: is to continue downhill past the bridge in the ravine and cross another bridge, then up the bank and turn left when you reach the rough vehicle track. This will also take you back to the walled garden.