Walk from New Galloway Car Park

Start Point: New Galloway Car Park, signposted as you approach village on A712
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 3 miles
Description: This is a field walk with one steep hill, crossing privately owned land so use is subject to the Scottish Access Code.
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Proceed down the adjoining road to a lane running left behind a row of bungalows leading to a fenced pathway through meadows which may be soggy. For a longer route keep to the right of the circular patch of grass and the sewage plant and follow the flood bank in a long loop to the Ken Bridge.

If you accessed the fields from the lane, at the flood bank turn left and proceed along the bank with the river on your right to Ken Bridge. Take a pathway beneath the bridge or use the road crossing on your left and follow the flood bank to a gateway at the end into the field.

Bear left up the steep bank and follow the woodland on your right to a gate at the top, then bear right 40 degrees across the next field to gate beside a chicken farm (after admiring views back to Ken Bridge).

Enter a lane to the right of the chicken farm and turn right at Kirk road. You will see the church ahead, enter the churchyard by the steps over the wall to the right of the gate and proceed through the churchyard to similar steps over the wall into a field.


Cross the field bearing slightly right to the front of the farmhouse and proceed through field gate.  Go straight across the field and downhill to the lower gateway into the next field. Go diagonally down across this field to an entry crossing a fenced off burn.  Ascend diagonally to a gate in the wall near the corner of the field. In the next field, bear left and the next gate is unsighted until you are over hill. See some old curling ponds on the right before turning left into a lane leading to Newton Stewart road.

Turn right and take the second gate on left into the field. Proceed across the field, cross the broken-down wall.

Bear left across fields towards a small group of trees and at the end of the field you will find a field gate in the hedge on your right exiting on to the Old Edinburgh road. Turn left and go downhill to New Galloway, over the cross roads and past the Town Hall back to the Car Park.

Please ensure you leave gates open or securely closed as you find them.


Check for cattle if you are afraid of them and especially if you have dogs with you.

REMEMBER that you are walking on private property under the terms of the Scottish Access Code which permits access subject to you not invading the owner’s privacy or impairing their livelihood.